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Garden of Serenity

On one of their visits to Tondabayashi, Mr. and Mrs. Fenninger (see the History page) met Yoshinaga Sakon, one of Japan's outstanding landscape architects. They formed a close friendship, and, in 1970, Mr. Sakon designed and built a tea house next to the Bethlehem Area Main Public Library. The area was named the “Garden of Serenity”.


Serenity lies at the heart of every Japanese garden. As an artistic expression of the essence of nature, Japanese gardens draw upon the natural world's tranquil beauty to create an oasis for meditation. The tranquility and peace at the core of this garden is experienced in the harmony achieved through the balance of its many elements.


The Garden of Serenity is available to enjoy year-round, and is the site of the Sister City Commission's annual Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival each April.

If you are interested in using the Garden of Serenity for a photo shoot or small event, please contact the City of Bethlehem Recreation Department at 610 - 865 - 7081.  The address is 11 W. Church Street



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